Tips About Learning to Play the Piano, Read This!

PUREXMUSIC – Relationship between music and brain memory will be recorded every day, learn the must-know tips about learning to play the piano before you embark on a long journey for piano lessons later.

bout Learning to Play the Piano

About learning to play the piano

These are tips so you can make right and smart decisions before starting a career in learning to play beautiful piano music. Because music is an inseparable part of life lives, not only makes our lives more colourful or makes us happy when listening to it, but also this is part of human development.

In 1993, at Irvine, scientists from the University of California conducted an experiment on students listening to two Mozart Sonata pianos in the D Major, a relaxation or silence music band. Published in the journal Nature.
After conducting the experiment, students took a spatial reasoning test, namely the ability to do puzzles. And the results of the scores, it turns out that after listening to music, these students improve drastically.
Because spatial abilities and listening to music are on the same path in the brain.

In another experiment at Appalachian State University, the researchers also succeeded in increasing brain power using music.

The researchers provided practical training in schools for children aged 3-4 years. Within eight months, the children were divided into four study groups, namely keyboard lessons, singing lessons, computers and available lessons.

After those eight months, these children were tested on their puzzle game skills (temporal, spatial reasoning) and their shape recognition (spatial reasoning). And the results of the scores are astonishing!

The researchers found that only children who had taken group keyboard lessons experienced an improvement in the spatial, temporal test.

After you know the responses of these researchers about music, especially about piano music, now you need to know the tips before learning to play piano music.

Here are Tips to Know About Learning to Play the Piano:

1. Learn to play the piano – your passion.

It’s about your interest in learning to play the piano, do you really like it? Or is it a dream to become a professional pianist? You must show genuine interest in playing piano and keyboard music. So that when you study every day, you feel happy and never bored when playing piano music until you become a successful person.

If you are really interested, ask your teacher or a professional pianist, find out their tips about why they can be successful. It’s never too late to start your step! Learn from now until you find the results later.

There were music students of all ages, some continued to play, and some stopped in the middle of the road. When they get older, who stop in the middle of the road regretting why they stopped playing music and promised to do it again someday. There are others too, they have the desire to play music but do not have free time until they get older. But when there is free time, they study it seriously.

So, if you see this article, you are not too late! You can still get started.

2. Start piano lessons with an electronic keyboard.

To start piano lessons, it’s best to use an electronic keyboard. Because later the students will know better where they are going in piano lessons. If it’s not a matter of personal pleasure, it can stick with keyboard lessons.

If the problem is classical piano music training, students should move to the acoustic piano. In the experience of some piano teachers, It was found that the piano spinet given should not be purchased.

You can buy the ‘Upright’ it was a Baby Grand Piano. But their strings are horizontal, not vertical. Basically, the movement of the keys is technically better in the hands of the students so that they sound closer to the ears of the students.

3. Set a practice schedule to play piano music.

Everyone will become tired if they play piano music continuously without stopping. It will be bad for our health. You should set your practice schedule for playing piano music.

Make a schedule for your daily playing the piano, it will be very productive if you determine your daily schedule. It will also make you remember your training later, just like a note reminder for you.

4. The need for dedication to playing piano music.

Once you have your practice schedule, playing the piano will become part of your daily activities. You don’t have to worry, it will track your ability to play piano music.

However, you need to also have the dedication or sacrifice your energy and mind when playing music. Learn each different genre of piano music, so that you can develop your own piano music.

Like when working, companies need employees with high dedication to provide full service to the company. Likewise, when playing piano music, you need a high commitment to become a professional pianist.


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