A Beginner’s Guide to Your Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson

PUREXMUSIC – Acoustic guitar lessons are in demand by almost all musicians around the world. Anyone used to play guitar music even if you are a beginner student who wants to learn acoustic guitar. This article will help improve your skills in playing acoustic guitar quickly and easily.


Acoustic guitar lessons The acoustic

The guitar is a type of guitar that is usually made of wood, using guitar strings through a light bridge, so that a sound is created in the body space of the guitar.

In this free acoustic guitar lesson, you will learn how to use the finger folk pick style playing technique, but still in the A chord. The rhythm on this acoustic guitar has fast beats so that it can be measured to the order of the first, fourth and seventh beats.

This acoustic guitar lesson will focus on using one side of your right hand, and your thumb playing the beats on the guitar. Your fingers should follow from the start of your index finger to pluck the guitar strings on the third, second, fifth and eighth beats. Don’t forget the thumb and index finger must be paired to pluck the first, third and sixth strings of the guitar.

In the next acoustic guitar lesson, you will play the A chord for the first try. For simplicity, let’s look at the steps below.

Lesson Acoustic Guitar – 7 Steps for the A Chord:

  1. The thumb pulling the A string open serves for the sound of the bass notes.
  2. The first finger plucks the third string, which sounds like A.
  3. The fingers pair up and then pluck the first and second guitar strings together. These two notes will be the sharp C-chord and the open top E guitar string.
  4. Next, the thumb immediately pulls out on the fourth string, which is the letter E and serves as the alternate bass string, for the fourth beat.
  5. Next, on the fifth beat, it is like beat two, with your finger on the third guitar plumper.
  6. The sixth beat is like the third beat, with the second finger then pulling out the top two rows.
  7. On the seventh and ninth, use your thumb to pluck the third guitar string, and finish with the second and then pluck the top two strings again.

When you’ve practiced acoustic guitar lessons a few times, it will be right up to you to strum these Latin rhythms.

Practice the acoustic guitar Lesson steps above a few times, until you get used to it. it will be useful for further learning
in the next acoustic guitar lesson, we will try some techniques with fingerpicking patterns, using the E chord, because the sixth beam of the guitar that opens serves as a bass note, later you will strum it with the first beat.

Follow through with the same pattern, starting with your thumbs strumming the fifth beat guitar and fourth guitar strings on the seventh beat. If you have mastered the E chord, the acoustic guitar lesson will move on to the D chord. With the D chord, you can use the fourth beam of the guitar to note the plucked bass sound using your thumb repeatedly.

learning tips Acoustic Guitar:

These are the quick and easy secret tips for learning the acoustic guitar to make your guitar playing style more attractive around the finger on the A chord.

When you strum on the fourth beat to lift your chording finger, use the ring finger on the left hand. You. Lift your guitar and then press it while pulling it out. If you are not used to it may get a little insult. But if you do it fast, it will look good. Try to apply to play the chord of E too. these are the two fingers you can lift.


That’s the article Free acoustic guitar lessons that you can try, practice in order, from starting the A chord, D chord, and E chord, do it repeatedly so you can master it.

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