Disc Music Boxes and Cylindrical Music Boxes, You Must Know This!

PUREXMUSIX – A cylindrical music box is a device that uses a series of pins that are placed on a rotating cylinder so that it touches the gears of an iron comb. The cylindrical music box was once a means of providing music without a player.


However, this is not without reason. Back in the old days, music boxes came with different sounds, and that’s what makes them unique that you can listen to them. So, to provide some new songs and improve the music quality of this music box, the cylinder has finally been created.

When one set of pins on the cylinder beeps which resonate from the ‘iron comb‘ the other set of pins will pass between the gears. When the first track is finished, the cylinder will rotate and make the next set of track pins parallel to the bags.

Cylindrical Music Boxes

In some cylinder music boxes, you can get 12 different tones. Every year a new type of cylinder music box is invented, including the replaceable cylindrical music box. The advantage of this cylinder is that it can be replaced with a new bottle with a unique sound or tone. The cylinder is usually made of metal which is actuated by a spring, and this makes it durable.

On models newer than cylinder music box, the cylinder could be removed to change the melody of the music box. in 1862, the cylinder music box contained four springs that provided three hours of continuous play.

However, because of the look of this cylinder music box, many people were dissatisfied with this cylinder shape. and finally, a new kind of music box appeared, became a disc

Disc Music Boxes

Music box This disc music box first appeared in 1880 in Leipzig Germany. They get a massive profit because this music box is sold at an affordable price, and another advantage is that this disc music box has a lot of sounds or tones.

This disc music box can hold 24 inches or 27 inch CDs. To better understand this music box, you should know the size of a 24-inch disc that can play 2 minutes of songs. This disc music box is designed for listening to separate music.

That’s the short article on disc music and cylinder music, if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below.

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