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PUREXMUSIC – In some cases, all guitar players should know how to change strings on their guitar. Especially if you are learning the guitar yourself, you have to be forced to replace it when the guitar strings break. In this opportunity, you will learn how to swap your guitar strings.


How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

Changing acoustic guitar strings is not a difficult thing to do, maybe it will be more difficult for those of you who are just learning how to change guitar strings. Judging from the difficulties, this ability should be possessed by guitar music lovers, especially a guitarist. If you’re new to lines, that’s fine. Or you are a professional guitarist; you should know how to change guitar strings.

Check out the steps below:

1. Prepare the new guitar strings in advance.

To change guitar strings. First, prepare new guitar strings to replace lines that are damaged or broken.

2. Choosing the guitar strings to be installed.

There is no specific method for such installation the guitar strings are installed, and you can change the guitar strings from the lowest sequence to the top guitar string. Or you can also install it the other way around.

If it’s your first time putting on a guitar, most people string the guitar from the bottom. First, the order is 1,6,2,5,3,4. You will find it easier to put guitar number 6 strings if you start from number 1. You can try it, do it in the order before.

3. Insert the guitar string into the bridge hole.

You have to do this while pulling on the strings to make sure that they are correctly attached and held by the pins on the guitar bridge.

It would be best if you did this while pulling on the guitar strings to make sure that the guitar strings are correctly attached and secure with the pins on the guitar bridge.

4. Tighten the guitar strings.

After the guitar strings are correctly installed, you can tighten the guitar strings by turning them using the help of a rotator on the headstock. When pulling the guitar strings, try not to be too tight.

5. Tidy up the remaining ends of the guitar strings.

When the guitar strings appropriately tightened, there may be a few strings left on your headstock. You can tidy it up with a turning tool into the guitar hole, on the headstock of your guitar.

6. Tighten the guitar strings back.

In this section, re-tighten your guitar strings but not too tight, tighten your guitar strings by holding the guitar as you play them. Screw up to two notes below the guitar string. You can repeat for each of your subsequent guitar strings.

7. Tuning on guitar.

After all the guitar strings are correctly installed and perfect, you can continue by tuning or adjusting the tone of the sound on your guitar according to the different styles on each line.


That’s the combination of how to change guitar strings; if this is your first time installing a guitar, you can try the steps above in order.

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