Music Exercise, Why You Fail To Do It?

PUREXMUSIC – Consistent musical practice is much more critical than you full training in one day. The adage once said ‘constant practice makes you extraordinary’ is like if you sharpen a knife, it will become sharp over time. Likewise, with practice, gradually, you will become an expert. You have to believe this!

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However, how to make your musical practice more effective and efficient? purexmusic will provide tips for you, see the article below:

1. Exercise Music – with slow movements

The body’s muscle memory tends to perform slow movement patterns unconsciously. it’s like when it’s your first time travelling, riding a bicycle, or playing a musical instrument.

To maintain this muscle memory of the body, you have to do a conscious musical exercise over and over again. Eventually, you will find a pattern that enters your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind must initially control all muscle tissue movements in a controlled and accurate manner; when you do that often, your muscle memory will develop.

Light music exercises also allow your mind to train problematic muscle tissues. Antagonist muscle tissue is muscle tissue that moves in the opposite direction, by stabilizing your antagonist muscle tissue, you can minimize stress when practising music and make your music practice faster and prevent injury during exercise.

2. Music practice – in small cells

Music practice in small cells is just a bunch of movements, not too many. A music cell can connect to other musical cells, from a variety of tonal sounds to entire musical pieces. When you are practising music, it is essential to arrange small melodic cells containing only a few notes of sound. Exercising in small sections can make you concentrate more thought to limit the information that enters muscle memory.

3. Musical exercise – connecting the completion of one cell to the beginning of the next section.

To make your muscle tissue consistent throughout the music, the last muscle movement in the cell must be the first activity of the next section.

4. Musical practice – train each cell in waves

Cells in waves will be able to pull it out of full control when muscles find patterns. Start the way with the command of the conscious mind and let the muscle mass apply it to your musical practice.

5. Music practice – stop if wrong.

For each repetition of a musical exercise, it is necessary to examine the activity pattern of the exercise movement, and it takes seven different repetitions to change a habit. If, you make a mistake in your musical practice technique, stop. Be aware of the patterns in your mind. After that, minimize the speed of your musical practice.

6. Exercise music – Time between repetitions

I take a break When dealing with repetitive tasks during practice, clear your mind first because the reason is much more able to focus more when the repetitions are divided by the time, of course. After 2 or 3 reps, stop for about 30 seconds to refocus your workout.


Using these strategy tips, you can significantly improve the quality of your musical practice. You will be able to use your musical practice time more efficiently and effectively.

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