The Interesting Of Percussion Instruments

Percussion instrument has been used for a long time and has a long history – this percussion instrument in folk music, as a musical instrument that is thick with country music. For example, in the country of India, two flat metals are hit to form a sound like a bell.


We often encounter this musical instrument in temples or places of worship – other popular percussion instruments, including the piano, drums, and xylophone.

Percussion instrument

According to Wikipedia, a percussion instrument is any object that can make a sound, be it being hit, shaken, rubbed, stirred, or in any way that can make the object vibrate. The term percussion instrument is often used as an accompaniment in musical games.

All percussion instruments can be divide into two categories, namely membranophones (adding tambour to a beat, such as drums) and Idiophones (triangular sounds). This division can use via tuning and other subgroups. For example, some musical instruments can set, and others cannot.

Apart from playing percussion instruments, percussionists also play a variety of other musical instruments to add to the type of sound, such as the lion Suman, glass harmonica, or wind machine. Those who play everything, usually they are experts in the world of music.

The highlights of the percussion instrument:

1. Percussion instruments are like the heart of a musical performance.

Since the days of previous composers such as Mozart’s Music, all of his musical compositions use at least one pair of timpani placed on the back. Now, it’s hard to name a song from classical or pop that doesn’t use any percussion instrument at all because the percussion is like the heart of a musical performance.

2. Musical instruments like xylophones are enjoyable to hear.

The music can hear when we are in a beautiful garden accompanied by the clatter of fountains. Bring out the romantic side in yourself. There is also musical instrument sounds that sound as pleasant as hitting a bottle filled with water.

3. Jazz music can easily be associated with our minds.

The ride cymbal is another percussion that’s in jazz again. Even in a military band, the captivated cannot keep up without the bass drum.

4. No rock band is complete without percussion instruments.

Nearly all music bands come with a complete drum kit and several other percussion instruments. Pink Floyd is a percussion that serves as the effect of their song, which combines the worlds of fantasy music and science fiction.

5. Each culture has its percussion instrument.

As in the article above, the bell of India is an example. In the west, you can also find percussion instruments such as gong, which is an important event. This percussion can also develop according to the times and culture.


If we look at the broad culture, the percussion instrument is at the heart of any musical ensemble. Percussionists are brilliant people who can play their music at will. Famous piano players like Yanni were percussionists. Right musical instruments are enjoyable to hear, which is a sweet sound touch.

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