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PUREXMUSIC – Have you ever heard a piano music box? If you haven’t heard it yet, read through to the article below.


Piano music box

According to Wikipedia, the music box or commonly referred to as the music box is one type of musical instrument that emerged in the 19th century. The music is produced by a series of pins located on the cylinder which continues to rotate until it hits the metal teeth. This piano music box is made from a variety of materials. on some types of piano music boxes, some are made of wood, metal, and glass. The sound of the tones can vary depending on the settings on the music box. The shape and size also vary according to the tastes of the buyer.No less attractive than this piano music box is the music jewelry box. which has other variations of a particular theme. This is what makes it even more unique and attractive, so many people buy piano music boxes as birthday gifts or just to display them in the room and living room.

Like other music boxes, piano music boxes usually have space to store items, such as trinkets and jewellery. But the music box is a model of the hand. So that the shape becomes a unique and good work of art.

High-quality piano music boxes High-quality piano music

Boxes, often made by human hands. This music box is an excellent work of art. Carved and hand-painted styled using rare stones, these single piano music boxes usually cost hundreds of dollars or more. Cover of this grand piano, the symbol of moving the music. Which is the heart of the music box? It’s as impressive as a real baby grand.You can order a music box specifically with music that suits your taste needs. The piano music box is equipped with gestures to play music with simple songs. If you want more for quality and sophistication, maybe the price is relatively higher.A piano music box, which is relatively more expensive, can usually be up to 144 notes. This is a music box for playing more complicated music songs and for longer than the usual piano music box activities.


The piano music box itself is one of its own pleasures for its owner. Or the happiness of others who receive a piano music box as a birthday present. The attraction and the music is unquestionable, you can feel it for yourself.

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