How To Practice Guitar In 20 Minutes For Beginners

PUREXMUSIC – Many beginner guitar players don’t have enough time to practice the guitar, so would you like to know how to practice the guitar in 20 minutes? Maybe you will wonder, “is it possible?” maybe, if you know how to do it right.

How To Practice Guitar In 20 Minutes For Beginners

Practicing the guitar in 20 minutes

To use this method, you need to spend at least 10-20 minutes every day. Rather than 24 hours a day or a full day to once a week. This will not be effective, learning guitar requires your seriousness in your studies or your habits to practice; at least you do the exercises for 10-20 minutes. This is a great habit.

Here are exercise ideas that you can apply if you do the exercises for 10-20 minutes every day:

1. Practice on guitar chords.

Practice on the chords; you can start on the A chord, the F chord or the E chord. Master this chord; it will improve your skills and skills in playing the guitar later. The key is to start with the basics first, then hone it until you master it.

2. Work on the music you want to practice.

Work on the music you want to practice first, focus on one piece. Allows you to focus more on training goals. You can make other music at a later time.

3. Listen to songs and play music together.

Listening to songs and playing music together is a great approach to increase your enjoyment of playing music, primarily if you practice the guitar in 20 minutes. Apart from when your practice feels more enjoyable, it is also useful for training your hearing; it will bring an excellent rhythm to your songs and music.

4. Do first, something you want to learn.

If you do it first, something you want to learn and focus on Within minutes, you will be amazed by the results. For example, you want to learn chords. First, this can improve your guitar skills in no time.

5. Choose abilities and practice

You can practice using the metronome, to practice your speed skills. If not, you can practice gradually, starting from playing the strings from top to bottom. Do it calmly and while enjoying the rhythm of your musical practice.

6. Work up and down the scale.

Within ten minutes, you can play with a scale of 50-100 instances. Can increase your stamina and also increase your speed in playing music.

Be careful when using the metronome to increase the playing speed of the music, when you choose to play a rhythmic sound to increase your speed, you don’t need to rush.

Tips for practicing the guitar in 20 minutes

Get artistic!

Play a few chords in a sounding combination, that’s good for you. Or you play a single observation melody. It will improve your hearing acuity in playing music. More importantly, you can mix it with others, so that it is not dull.


You might think those 20 minutes of guitar practice can’t do much. When you do these 20-minute guitar practice tips, you’ll be surprised at the results.

You don’t need to buy a video mix of how to speed up your practice; you need to manage your hobby as well as possible. See you back in the next article.

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