15 Types of Music You Need to Know!

Types of Music You Need to Know – Who doesn’t love music? As in life, music has various types or types that can symbolize or interpret the heart and the current situation. Therefore, music is divided into various types, including famous music. Famous music is divided into 15 types.

Types of Music

So far, you have likely recognized many types of popular music. But, have you understood about each type? What is your favourite music among them? Read the following information.

1. Types of Music Jazz

Music Jazz has many fans because the unique sound is made to give fresh air and refinement to the listener. Jazz, or what is known as jazz music, has a charming and high-quality sound character. Therefore, this music is only loved by specific ranks.

This American music entered and began to be recognized in Indonesia in 1930. Jazz instruments are divided into several musical instruments, such as saxophone, trombone, piano, trombone, and guitar. The combinations made from this group of musical instruments are unique to the others and give a unique sound that the whole group can taste.

2. Types of Music Blues

The type of blues music is almost compatible with jazz because it uses a combination of musical instruments that are almost the same. Although some people classify blues and jazz music in one type, in fact, both of them have inequalities in terms of sound character and lover.

Blues music was first made by America and Africa, as a tool for releasing his emotional soul. Blues itself has a meaning of frustration or grief which subsequently becomes a name. This type of music is slower and more mellow than jazz but has a deep meaning in each of the lyrics because it speaks to the heart. Go-international blues musicians are BB King, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, and Muddy Waters

3. Types of Music Gospel

This type of music is less familiar to the community, but this type of music can be found in everyday life. Gospel music is music made through vocal supremacy and was first performed at Christian worship. It can be concluded if gospel music was first made in the church.

Gospel is a unique type of music because it unites various other types of music. Thus, this type of music can make a new type of sound, yet familiar and tasted by residents. Based on the changes, now the type of gospel music has begun to be shown outside the church and has been tasted en masse around the world.

4. Types of Music RnB

RnB is short for Rhythm and Blues which is called a combination of blues, jazz, gospel, and pop music. RnB was first introduced by Africans in 1940 and was immediately accepted in several ranks. This is because RnB’s music is easy to listen to, relaxing, and gives calm to those who listen to it.

RnB music is often combined with hip hop music so that the sound is made more contemporary and enjoyable to hear. Along with the changes, there were more and more RnB musicians who were already popular in the world, including Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, John Legend, Alicia Keys, and Usher.

5. Types of Music Funk

The type of funk music was first introduced by Africans and Americans, which is divided into a combination of RnB, jazz, and soul music. Funk music was first released in 1960, which has grown and still has an audience today.

Chances are, you’ve heard of punk music, but both are other types of music. Funk music is divided into groups of bass, drum, and guitar sounds that have sharp rhythms but are fragmented. For connoisseurs, this type of funk is really suitable for dancing. Musicians who are already popular include Tower of Power, James Brown, and Sly and The Family Stone.

6. Types of Music Rock

type of rock music is a combination of various types of music that have been recognized since the 1940s. This music is considered one of the music that continues to grow and has many lovers until now.

Types of rock music are divided into various types because they continue to develop over time. Types of rock music include hard rock, progressive rock, punk rock, alternative rock, and others. This music is the same as the sound with a fast rhythm, loud vocals, and has a certain characteristic in some parts. The world’s most popular rock musicians include The Beatles, Mick Jagger, and Kurt Coba.

7. Types of Music Metal

Metal type is the result of changing rock music which was first released in 1970. This music has a type that is louder, stronger and screams that give a certain pleasure and satisfaction to people who love this type of music. This type of music is divided into 2 types, namely heavy metal and black metal.

8. Types of Music Electronic

type of electronic music is often mentioned as EDM or Electronic Dance Music, which is a combination of contemporary musical instruments or electric instruments to produce other music. There are electric instruments that can give the program touch, to improve the music that is made.

Electronic is recognized by music that has a fast rhythm and can be tasted while dancing. Generally, electronic music is known as clubbing music or music generally played by DJs or Disc Jockeys.

9. Types of Music Reggae

Reggae is a type of music that developed in Jamaica in the 1960s and has had many fans until now. This type of music has a relaxed and slow tempo but has a rhythm that can make some of the listeners move.

Reggae is a combination of rocksteady music and likes to produce new types of music. The beats of this famous type of music are truly distinctive, to the point of satisfying some of their fans. Regarding the musicians who are popular in the world in this type of music are Toots Hibbert, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff.

10. Types of Music Hip Hop

Type of hip hop music was born on the eastern side of America and is a form of change from RnB music. This type of music has a fast rhythm but can be tasted in a relaxed manner. So, it can give certain pleasure to people who listen to it. Hip hop music can improve the mood, so it is often heard by the whole group.

Hip hop music is generally combined with other types of music to make it more enjoyable to listen to. For example, a combination of hip-hop music with rapcore or rap. In this type of music, there are lyrics that are conveyed with a fast rhythm but can be sung together with the rhythm of the music.

11. Types of MusicTechno

Techno music can be referred to as EDM or Electronic Dance Music that was performed in 1980 in America. Previously, this music originated from a rapid musical change accompanied by dance. This type of music is called techno because it is divided into various types of music technologies known as synthesizer combined calls.

A large number, techno music is divided into various tech music mixes that have drum beats and sequencers that can make your rocking. This type of techno music is generally played in a number of places such as nightclubs. World musicians who have been popular for playing techno music are Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin.

12. Types of Music Pop Pop

music is very familiar to the community because generally, the first time people recognize music is through pop music first. This type of pop is the same type of music that characterizes the modernity of the sound made.

13. Types of Music Country

When listening to this type of music, maybe some listeners do not know if they are listening to country music. This is because this kind of country is the same as traditional American music, to be precise in the mountainous region of Appalachia. This type of music has spread in European regions, such as Italy, Spain, England, and others.

This country music gives the impression of listening to pop music but has two choruses which have a loud sound and a slow sound. This makes country music easier going and is tasted by youth groups. One of them is a musician who went international with this type of country is Taylor Swift.

14. Types of Music Dangdut

The type of dangdut music originated in Indonesia. This music is a combination of Indian and Malay characters, who use traditional and contemporary musical instruments. This type of music has a rhythm that can make you sway when you listen to it.

In ancient times, dangdut music was generally sampled by older groups and included a low economy. But over time, dangdut music is now increasingly diverse and is starting to be sampled by young groups. This is related to the emergence of new Indonesian musicians who bring dangdut songs.

Musicians who are already popular in Indonesia in the dangdut genre are Nella Kharisma, Rhoma Irama, and Lewat Vallen. Now, dangdut music lyrics have a deep meaning, generally related to stories of hesitant love and others. Besides that, dangdut can be remade with various lyrics from other types of music, for example, Korean music.

15. Types of Music Campursari

In contrast to dangdut, mixed music is sampled by older groups. Mixed music is the same as a slow beat, but has grafts that make the audience rock. This mixed music is just as calmer than dangdut music and uses traditional musical instruments.


Everyday life has a strong connection with music because it can lift the mood and become an option to express feelings. Music becomes representative of various groups to get satisfaction and pleasure. Through the 15 famous types of music that have been described above, you can recognize a variety of music except for the ones you love, right?

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